Physical Therapy in Draper, UT

Pain Management, Joint Pain & Chronic Pain

South Mountain Physical Therapy serves Draper, UT and Salt Lake County with comprehensive physical therapy services designed to help patients recover, build strength and stay healthy. We tailor our services to meet your individual needs, and are committed to getting you back to doing what you love. In addition to our general physical therapy and pain management services, we specialize in post-surgical and sport injury rehabilitation.

Our knowledgeable physical therapists and staff will work with you to ensure a safe return to your daily, physical activities. We specialize in continuity, so you will be treated by the same physical therapist every time you visit. We take pride in the amount of patients that return for future care and/or refer family members and friends to our clinic. At South Mountain, you will find us flexible, responsive and understanding of your needs.

Pain Management, Joint Pain & Chronic Pain Draper UT

Our services include but are not limited to:

General Physical Therapy & Pain Management

Dr. Kevin Shepherd offers dry needling to treat pain. Dry needling is a technique using a sterile needle, without medication, inserted into a trigger point. A trigger point is a tight area of muscle that causes pain in various areas of the body. By inserting the needle, the muscle and connective tissues release, relieving pain and allowing for greater range of motion. Improvement may be seen after the first treatment.

Our primary goal is to return you to your normal, active lifestyle through a personal, multidisciplinary approach. We combine our knowledge of the latest protocols with high-quality equipment to help patients with their general physical therapy needs. Our therapy services have an emphasis on improving function and reducing pain while promoting active participation in exercise and independent management.

Back & Neck Pain, Headaches & General Joint Pain

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, headaches or general pain in your joints, South Mountain will utilize the latest techniques to help relieve your pain. We will evaluate your problem areas and develop a personalized treatment plan that not only improves functionality and reduces pain, but prevents issues from reoccurring.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is often defined as pain that lasts at least three to six months, or beyond the time of expected healing. At South Mountain, we have physical therapists with extensive knowledge in a variety of chronic pain conditions. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care for chronic pain sufferers. First, a therapist will first evaluate how your pain is impacting movement and function. Then, we will design an individualized rehab and wellness program that takes into consideration all of your body systems that are impacted.

For the most personalized physical therapy treatment in the Salt Lake Valley, choose South Mountain Physical Therapy.

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